Studio Experience

Vivera Studio offers three different lighting setups to help individualise and create your beautiful memories. We believe that different lighting setups provide the versatility to help create the looks to match your personality, preferences and desires. We are experts in lighting setups and arrangements and can offer you advice to create the results that you will treasure forever.

You can choose to use any of these setups or even include all three in your session, the choice is entirely up to you.

We can even hold the session at a place convenient to you, whether in your own home, favourite park, beach or other indoor/outdoor setting.


Natural Light Studio

This is a bright, but warm and soothing natural light environment perfectly suited for newborn or baby portraits. Photos captured using natural daylight offer the warmth and softness of the sun resulting in natural looking skin tones and colours.

collage for studio experience - natural light

There is also a themed natural light photography studio offering a combination of earthy and warm interior design with a touch of classical elegance. This natural light studio is ideal for older baby, toddler and child portraits offering a playful, but soothing and calm environment to enable young kids to live out their fantasies in a safe environment. This studio is also designed to provide a touch of vintage, classical elegance to maternity portraits through perfectly matched interior colours with two tone lacy curtains with soft fabrics.


Flash Studio

Our flash photography studio is equipped with world class lighting equipment ideally suited for older baby, toddler, children and family portraits. The versatility of flash lighting enables a variety of looks and creative effects to be created.


Outdoor Setting

There is a beautiful park within walking distance from the studio for capturing portraits in a natural environment. An outdoor setting is effective for capturing interactions and relationships between family members and is a great way to document your story and life.