One of the most amazing experiences in life is to witness the birth of your child. The overwhelming feelings of love and happiness that rush through your body as your child enters the world, and gives you his or her first cry is unforgettable. Whether it be the curly toes and fingers, the sweet but innocent smile, the soft and delicate skin or the peaceful expression while sleeping, a newborn is precious.

I can still remember the day when my daughter was born. From the first crying sound to her first bath, it was an emotional and life changing day. It soon became a passion for me to document every little moment and capture her journey through life.

I’m Richard, the founder of Vivera Studio. Together with my wife, we are the creative duo behind Vivera Studio which prides itself on creating natural, personalised fine art portraits for each client. Our photography is all about capturing your life truthfully. Vivera is a latin word formed from the words Vive and Vera which means true to life. Everyone has a unique life and story to be told and remembered through images and it is our privilege to tell your story.

Why Choose Vivera Studio ?

Customer Service

We offer each of our clients a personalised experience and pride ourselves on offering a differentiated customer service. Providing a great experience from the moment you walk into our studio is something we strive to deliver for all our clients. We believe that this is essential to creating memorable portraits. Our clients appreciate the warm and friendly customer service which is reflected in the many glowing reviews and testimonials. Vivera Studio is also one of the few businesses that has received the WOMO service award for the last two years.


We provide our clients with a unique studio experience offering 3 different lighting setups to help individualise and capture their memories in a way that truthfully represent them or their loved ones.

  • Daylight Studio (warm and bright with earthy theme option)
  • Flash Studio (fully equipped with sophisticated lighting equipment and many backdrops and props)
  • On Location (studio is located within short walking distance from a beautiful park offering many possibilities and options for environment portraits)


We pride ourselves on offering a truly warm and welcoming service individually tailored to your needs. Our studio provides a relaxing, comfortable and cosy environment like at home

  • Soft sofa
  • Plush carpet
  • Climate controlled room
  • Warm, soothing and brightly lit daylight studio
  • Light refreshments


  • As parents of a 3 year old, we have the experience to handle a newborn, baby or young child
  • Have photographed and handled over 50 newborns, babies, todders and young kids over the last few years
  • Richard has 25 years photography experience and 6 years portrait photography experience
  • Passed the working with children check
  • Richard has successfully completed the Portrait Photography course run by CAE
  • Richard has attended the Elinchrom Lighting Masterclass run by Kayell Australia
  • Richard has attended the Brett Odgers Portrait Lighting workshop run by SunStudios Australia

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