Adrian – Professional Headshots Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Adrian approached us to assist him boost his image on social media and in particular LinkedIn with some professional headshots. He mentioned his wife joked about his chipmunk look so he was really keen to get some nice headshots and gain the edge in today’s competitive world. As soon as he stepped into our studio located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we tried to calm him down and make him at ease. We recognise each individual is different and some may require more coaching to be completely at ease and relaxed. It didn’t take long to get the desired expressions from Adrian. Adrian was really coachable and understood the process involved to be able to capture some professional headshots. Having professional headshots on social media is an important differentiator when you want to attract the attention of recruiters. It shows that you put the effort into personal branding to create a professional look. We really enjoyed the coaching process to get Adrian to relax in order to be able to capture these headshots. We are really pleased that he was very satisfied with the end result. Being able to make a positive impact into someone else’s life and career is very rewarding which is why capturing professional headshots is one of our favourite activities.




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