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In today’s busy world, we often forget to slow down and smell the roses or hear the birds sing. We get so wrapped up in our work and busy schedules that we don’t really realize what it is exactly that we are teaching our children.

Sure we want to teach them that nothing comes easy and hard work is necessary to get the job done and do it well. But is this all we want to teach them?

When children grow up, what do we want them to remember? Do we want them to remember that mum and dad worked all the time? That our jobs and schedules were our main priority? No, we want them to remember that family meant everything and that we worked hard for them.

We need to work hard to build lasting family memories that show just how much we care. Children will appreciate that despite working hard, we created plenty of family memories to remind them how important family is.

Creating family memories need not be complicated. It doesn’t have to be a big family holiday or indulgent weekend getaways. Memories can be created out of little things. For example a Friday movie night, a Saturday afternoon in the park or a surprise dinner or BBQ in the backyard after picking up the children from school.

When spending time together, it is important to take pictures to document the moments. Most people nowadays own a phone with a camera which makes it convenient and easy to take pictures wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself. Because we carry the phone with us wherever we go, there really is no excuse not to document the important family moments.

You may want to consider getting someone else to capture the moments and memories. This could be a friend, a relative or even a professional photographer. That would free up everyone in the family to focus on spending the time together to create memories. Some professional photographers offer a service to document a day in the life of your family. This could be a great way to create a set of memorable pictures to put in a scrapbook or to print for mounting on a wall in your home. Children love looking at family scrapbooks. They give them a sense of belonging and makes them feel special.

Now, pause for a moment from your hectic life and take the time out to enjoy your family. Work can wait. It won’t go away, but if we aren’t careful our children will be gone before we know it. Cherished family memories may be all you have left, but only if you have taken the time to document them over time.

Here are some photos from a family photography session in Melbourne. We really emjoyed capturing memories for this family. If you don’t have any family portraits hanging on the wall, now may be the time to consider getting some taken.



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